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Cluster bomb use

Major incidents of cluster bomb use in conflicts since 1975

For a complete listing, see: A Timeline of Cluster Bomb Use at


1979-1989 Afghanistan:  Russia uses cluster munitions against Afghanistan


1991:     Gulf War:             24-30 million submunitions by allied forces against Iraq/Kuwait[i]

                                                34 million submunitions by allied forces against Iraq/Kuwait[ii]


1994:     Chechnya            Russia uses cluster munitions against Chechen rebels


1999:    Yugoslavia:           347,000 submunitions by allied forces, (U.S./United Kingdom and

The Netherlands )[iii]


2001:     Afghanistan:      248,000 submunitions by U.S. forces[iv]

2003:     Iraq:                       2 million submunitions by U.S. and British forces[v]

2006:     Lebanon:             4 million submunitions by Israel against Hezbollah forces              

2008:     Russia/Georgia:  Both Russia and Georgia use cluster munitions against one another


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